Proud cat adds to presents under family Christmas tree with live venomous snake

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    One family had an early Yuletide present after their cat dropped a snake underneath their Christmas tree.

    The Queensland family's feline caught and dropped a venomous red-bellied black snake, measuring around 60cm, under the tree.

    Gunter Glasser, of Darling Downs Snake Catchers, posted the photos that showed the reptile curled around the planned pile of gifts the family had organised.

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    Glaser revealed the snake was of a relatively small size and alongside the cat, neither were harmed in the incident.

    He said: "The cat wasn't bitten and quite proud of itself."

    He added: "Thankfully, the snake had no negative effect from the cat carrying it, the family are snake lovers, but didn't want to touch it.

    "It was an unexpected Christmas present."

    While there are no recorded deaths from red-bellied black snakes in Australia, they are known to be dangerous to humans as well as extremely venomous, in which envenomation causes a series of symptoms.

    According to the Australian Museum symptoms include: bleeding and/or swelling at the bite site, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

    According to Glasser, on most occasions, no pain is felt from a bite which results sometimes in people not even realising that they've been bit.

    Glasser himself suffered from a venomous snake bite last month as he was forced to hospital to undergo medical treatment.

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    The experienced snake catcher was bitten by a venomous eastern brown snake last month and rushed to hospital.

    Snake surprises in Australia may be common as first thought after a Tasmanian man was welcomed by a tiger snake while watching the cricket.

    He said: "It took me a few seconds to click into gear, it was just bizarre, something you don't expect.

    "I'd left the back door open so it would have just slid straight past me on the lounge into the kitchen."


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