Beer Christmas tree brag undone on Reddit by Taylor Swift and McDonald’s posters

A boozy household has bragged about their beer can Christmas tree but Reddit users can't get over room filled with Taylor Swift and McDonald's posters.

"We didn't want to pay for a real Christmas tree – so we made our own" was the poster's proud tag on the large stack of cans decorated, festively with lights and sparkly decorations.

While some users were impressed by the centrepiece structure, with one commenting, "Nice, I like your ‘can do’ attitude", others' attentions were focusing around the room.

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"I have many questions about this room," one observant user posted.

Another user who spotted the walls said: "I just wanna know who hangs a double cheeseburger poster in their room?"

A third added: "I got whiplash from going from Taylor swift to a stolen mcdonald's poster."

While a fourth said: "You could almost miss the giant black tentacle creeping across the ceiling."

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The OP said constructing the beast with "washed and dried" cans involved the use of cardboard poster tubes, cardboard circles, platforms, and a whole lot of glue, which "will simply slide from our gaming room to our living room!"

This in turn led to people wondering about the builder's identities.

"Students, definitely students. I'm sure if you spin the camera round there's a traffic cone there," said one.

Another said: "So how single are all the men in this house share?"

A third added: "It’s a tribute to what bros can achieve when they are unburdened by females."


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