Your Sky TV box has an epic SECRET feature we bet you’ve never used

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    Sky Q has so many new smart features included in that sleek black box, from in-built apps to Vimeo on-demand video that means it's easy to understand chances are  plenty to be getting on with.

    However, we're willing to bet that you never knew your Sky Q box also has an awesome feature you probebly never knew existed.

    It turns out, Sky Q customers can use their next-gen satellite box as a Google ChromeCast.

    Typically a Google ChromeCast will plug into the HDMI port of your HD TV and allows owners to beam video content direct from your smartphone, tablet or computer web browser to the big screen in your house.

    The feature was largely ignored when Sky first launched Sky Q, more than likely because the TV giant was more keen on promoting their own AirPlay functionality which was also built-in.

    Effectively it also lets you play music from your iPhone, iPad or desktop iTunes app around the house.

    According to Express Online, users simply open the official YouTube app on an iOS device where you're able to "take-over" the Sky Q set-top box and play videos on the HD TV.

    The Chromecast feature built into Sky Q functions pretty much like a traditional Google ChromeCast plug-in, allowing Sky TV subscribers to queue-up videos in a playlist within the YouTube app.

    Equally another plus is that searching for your next YouTube video is much faster and easier when done from the comfort of your smartphone, as opposed to the most cumbersome keypad on the Sky Q remote.

    There is one drawback though.

    Sky Q users do not get all of the functionality that you would get with anyone using a standalone Google ChromeCast.

    "The Netflix app – which normally allows users to beam video to a ChromeCast – is not able to Cast to the Sky Q box." explains Express Online.

    On discovery of the new feature, the Express also approached Sky and were told by a Sky spokesperson:

    "Sky Q customers have the flexibility to play, browse or search videos on YouTube via their phone or tablet, and then play it via their Sky Q box or Mini so they can watch the video on their TV.

    "This functionality is currently available with the YouTube app."

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