Expert’s verdict on rumours James Hewitt is Harry’s dad – based on face analysis

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    A ‘super-recogniser’ has claimed to have debunked the myth that Prince Harry is not really King Charles’ son.

    Simone Malik reckons she has a special gift when it comes to people’s faces and said that there is no truth in the rumour the Duke of Sussex is actually the child of James Hewitt.

    She reckons she knows this because Harry and Charles both have sharp eyes and high narrow foreheads.

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    She reckons there’s no one else who has those “very close set, small but extremely sharp eyes”

    Her claims come as the Sussexes released their new Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

    The new programme features a series of claims about Buckingham Palace and offers insights into the relationships Harry now has with senior royals.

    The ginger hair of Hewitt and Harry has often been pointed to as a sign they could be related – but Malik reckons this is where the similarities stop.

    She said: “I have been hearing for years that conspiracy about Hewitt being Harry’s dad.

    “I always looked and thought ‘no, not at all.’

    “I can see from the public’s perspective when they look at the ginger hair and their smiles from the side, they have a certain look and they think he is Harry’s dad. As a super-recogniser I can see beyond that.

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    “You have got to understand facial symmetry and dimension and this is what I look at, a bit like a computer but I have the skill to see the face and think ‘this person is related’ or ‘this person is not related,” she added.

    “I am quite certain from my skill that King Charles is definitely Harry’s dad. Charles has a narrow and high forehead and Charles has exactly that.

    "Diana also has a narrow forehead. Hewitt’s forehead is wide and deep.

    “Also the eye area is very distinctive with Harry which is exactly like Charles. King Charles has very close-set, small but extremely sharp eyes. I am actually yet to see a pair of eyes like that in the general population.”

    She continued: “The only other person I have seen with this exact same quality, in terms of size, close-set and extreme sharpness, is Prince Harry.

    "If you look at Dianna she has round eyes which are quite wide and big. Hewitt also has wide eyes.

    “Where has Harry got those eyes from? Not Hewitt, not Diana, he has got them from his father.”

    "She added: “Charles’ eyes are very distinctive and that is the kind of feature that would be passed from generation to generation.

    “This is a very distinctive feature in the eye area a bit like a sharp eagle.”

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