‘Time traveller’ issues chilling warning of year WW3 will take place

A man who claimed he was a time traveller said nuclear war will break out on Earth in the year 2025.

Al Bielek, an elsuive figure thought to have been born in 1927, passed away in 2011, claiming he spent two periods of time living in the future.

He said he was transported to the year 2137 where he witnessed flying mega cities and futuristic technology as well as another period where he travelled to the year 2025, the year in which, he claims, apocalyptic nuclear war broke out.

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Bielek claimed he was part of the something called the "Philadelphia Experiment", a series of top-secret tests conducted by the US military during the Second World War to try and create a warship that would be "invisible".

However, Bielek insisted that the true reason for the experiment was to create a time travel machine.

The man's life has been the subject of much discussion, though very little is known about him.

He claimed that he could recall his first memory at the age of nine months old where he said at a family Christmas party he could understand conversations the adults talking in the room around him were having.

When he was only 16, he joined the US Navy to fight in the Second World War, which is when he claimed he first travelled.

Given the current situation in Ukraine, with the threat of nuclear war being ratcheted up, Bielek's shocking prediction is looking more likely than it did when he first his barmy prophecy decades ago.

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Recounting his time travel experience, Bielek said in 1943 that he and his brother jumped off a US ship to escape a strange light, when they rose to the surface, they had reportedly been transported to the year 2137.

"We expected to hit the water in the bay and swim ashore. But no water, we never hit it, we kept falling and falling for quite a period of time," he said, in a lecture.

Bielek said the first clue that they had travelled through time was that the room they found themselves in had a wall-mounted colour TV.

Bielek also claimed there were very few surviving cities around the world, and no national governments or borders and that he spoke to a super computer which told him that a project had started a in the year 2600 to reform the global system.

No militaries existed, with military conflict non-existent and everything was now free.

He also claimed most of England had disappeared though the Scottish Highlands and some of Ireland remained, with much of Europe being underwater.

He said most of the world's governments had crumbled away by the year 2025 and a nuclear world war three killed million of people.

Many will be hoping that his predictions, particularly those of nuclear war, turn out to be wide of the mark.


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