Woman horrified after finding ‘maggots’ in her HelloFresh mince meat delivery

A customer of one of the world's biggest meal-prep companies has claimed she found meat full of maggots in her latest delivery.

And HelloFresh, which sends boxes of fresh food and recipes to customers, has come under fire for only offering Australia-based Jayden Brown a half price discount for the grim find.

The woman took to social media to post photos of the mince meat filled with creepy maggots on Wednesday.

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She simply wrote: “Thanks HelloFresh for the maggots in our meat.”

The photos show mince being fried off in a pan with maggots crawling out of it.

The post has been shared 219 times, with 801 comments.

In an update on her conversations with HelloFresh, who claim they are launching a full investigation, she said: “I just spoke on the phone to them and they’ve refused to refund me until I made a fuss.

“They also told me that there is no possible way to cancel my box for next week that I paid for and once again I made a fuss so they said I will get 50% back.”

HelloFresh did comment on the post shortly after it started to go viral.

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They said: “Thank you so much for reaching out and bringing this to our attention!

“We're so sorry to see that you received your mince in the state that it was.

“This is certainly not the HelloFresh way!

“So we can look into this for you and come to a resolution together, please send us a Direct Message.”
Ms Brown replied claiming that they only offered to give her “$8 back”.

Other users commented on the post to express their shock at the find.

One wrote: “Omg ew – I’m so glad you saw the Maggots before you ate it.”

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Another posted: “I got a free box from them not long ago, didn’t find maggots tho lol.

“But the chicken was rank it was to serve 4 people it wouldn’t of even fed one the amount off grissle in the shit I ended up chucking away was pointless.

“Now cancelled with them – won’t use them again.”

And a third posted: “Omg I feel sick!

“I also order from them and their chicken stinks!

“Like it’s in date but the chicken stinks so bad I can’t eat it.”

The Daily Star has reached out to HelloFresh in Australia for a comment.

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