Fears big cat on the loose after ‘giant paw print’ found in woods by dog walker

A dog walker found a "giant paw print" out in the woods and it put his pooch on 'high alert' when he smelt it.

Jay Jones had been walking his dog in the woodlands of Hallworthy, Cornwall, when he came across a worryingly large print in the snow.

The print, which Jay handily showed to be the same size as his hand, has caused some concern for those worried about a big cat coming to "eat you", CornwallLive reported.

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Jay shared the potential big cat sighting images with his wife, with his partner joking that the big cat is coming for him.

Jay's wife Rowena said: "Jay was in woodland area next to The Wilsey Down pub. He sent the pictures to me whilst walking and I was taking the mickey saying you better get out or a big cat will come and eat you.

"We laughed but then couldn’t work out what else it could be. I googled big cat paw prints and they look very similar.

"Our dog sniffed it and was then on high alert. It's all very strange."

It is not the first Cornwall-based big cat sighting, with another man claiming to have locked eyes with a massive black cat just a few months before.

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Mark Palin said he "froze" upon locking eyes with what may have ben a big cat in a field.

Palin at first "thought he was seeing things" but is certain he saw what appeared to be a puma "running across a field" in Launceston, it was reported at the time.

It is not the only area of the UK to warn of big cat sightings, with Daily Star reporting a sighting in South Wales that worried residents who found "chewed animal remains".

One local said they had come across "severed deer feet" that looked as though they had been "chewed" by a large animal.

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