Russia’s new Rasputin predicts end of Ukraine war and 2023 starvation for West

Russia's new Rasputin has made some bold predictions for 2023, including when the war with Ukraine will end and the future of the West.

Ziraddin Rzayev took part in the bizarre Russian reality show Battle of the Psychics – or Bitva Extrasensov as it is known locally – in 2009.

He came second, to Alexander Litvin, but has since carved a career for himself making bold predictions in the same vein as infamous ancient Russian psychic Rasputin.

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And speaking to Russian news outlet MK, Rzayev claimed that President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine will end sooner rather than later.

The 41-year-old said: “We all need to understand that at the moment there is a confrontation between good and evil.

“Russia, God knows, did not want to go to extreme measures but she was forced.

“Our country is forced to resist evil.

“Only in 2023 will this conflict be left behind – I see that he will either stop completely, or (war) will be in a passive state.

“Of course, negotiations will contribute to this: they are indispensable in any war.

“The only thing I can say is that the conflict in Ukraine is not the last thing Russia will have to face (war).”

Rzayev detailed that once Russia has finished picking fights in Ukraine, it will then target the European Union and NATO.

And, he claimed, 2023 will be horrendous for the rest of us in the West because we'll have to deal with famine on top of everything else.

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“They (the EU and NATO) will create new conflicts with other neighbouring states and try to drag us into them,” he explained.

“I read the thoughts of Western rulers and politicians and I know in advance what they are thinking and what they are planning.

“There are very difficult times and years ahead of all mankind.

“The general characteristics of 2023 are starvation and lack of food – the West will suffer the most.”

Rather unsurprisingly, Rzayev claimed that Russia will be “fine” and won't suffer like the rest of us from a global crisis.

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