Buy a phone and you’ll get one free! New iPhone, Samsung and Sony deal

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It’s not often you get something for nothing but that’s exactly what O2 is giving customers in the run-up to Christmas. The UK network has unleashed a swathe of new deals which not only include money off certain brands such as Samsung but also a device for free. Yes, just like your local supermarket, there really is a buy-one-get-one-free incentive on smartphones.

Buy a phone get one free

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O2 is offering customers a free Sony Xperia 10 IV worth over £300 when they buy the latest Xperia 10 IV.

This bargain is available to anyone who takes delivery of the latest Sony Xperia 5 IV with customers then receiving a Sony Xperia 10 IV in the post without paying a penny for the privilege. This device, which features a 6-inch display, Qualcomm processsor and triple-lens camera, is worth a whopping £379 making this a pretty decent deal.

Prices for the Xperia 5 IV start from £42 per month which includes 2GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts. If that doesn’t sound enough then there is also 5GB of data for £45 per month or 20GB for £48 per month.

All of the plans above include that free Xperia device along with access to Disney+ or Apple Music.

As a quick reminder, the Xperia 5 IV includes a 6.1- inch OLED display, impressive triple-lens camera, fast Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and long battery life. Want to know more? Read our full Xperia 5 IV review.

If this offer sounds enticing you have from now until December 28 to take O2 up on the offer.

As well as O2 dishing out free phones, there are more money-saving deals available including £500 off the award-winning Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Prices for this super premium device, which packs a huge 6.8-inch display and an in-built S Pen stylus, now start from just £40.10 which includes 5GB of data.

There’s also 150GB for £48.09 per month with customers also able to claim a further £300 cashback via Samsung and a further £150 off if they hand over their old smartphone.


Anyone who has been considering a switch to iPhone will also find money off the iPhone 11, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro.

All of these call makers have received a discount with savings of up to £180 up for grabs.

You can see all of the best O2 iPhone deals below

iPhone 14 Plus – NOW £41.53 WAS £43.53
INCLUDES: 2GB data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts plus free Disney+

iPhone 14 Pro – NOW £57.99 WAS £62.99
INCLUDES: Unlimited data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts plus free Apple Music

iPhone 11 – NOW £28.77 WAS £32.77
INCLUDES: 5GB data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts plus free Apple Music

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