Your old iPhone chargers won’t work in future as EU slaps Apple with deadline

Future iPhone models won't work with your old phone chargers as soon as 2024, following a ruling by the EU.

Apple has been given just under two years to ensure all of its iPhones use USB-C charging rather than the classic Apple Lightning cable.

The EU Parliament has forced the tech giant into using the universal charging cable, which is the kind typically used by laptops, tablets, and Android devices.

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Apple' Macbooks and iPads already use USB-C, but the firm could face a headache when it comes to swapping over their smartphones.

The ruling is designed to make it easier for consumers to charge their devices without having to pay extra fees for a special iPhone cable.

The EU says they want to reduce 'hassle for consumers' and reduce electronics going to landfill.

Apple has until 28 December, 2024 to comply, which means next year's iPhone 15 could be the last to feature a Lightning charger.

However, they don't seem all that happy about it.

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Earlier this year, Apple's Greg Joswiak told the Wall Street Journal: "Governments get to do what they do and obviously we'll have to comply.

"We have no choice. What are you going to do with these cables over time if they're no longer useful—billions of them."

However, the EU begs to differ, and claims that USB-C already provides high-quality charging and data transfer.

If you own an iPhone, you don't have to do anything right now as your charger will continue to work with your phone.

But if you buy a new model in future, you might have to recycle your old Lightning cable somewhere.


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