‘End of an era’ as Elon Musk confirms 4000 character limit increase for tweets

Since taking over Twitter, Elon Musk has made a lot of radical changes, from forcing staff to work in the office again to sacking most of the company.

But beyond firing almost half of all staff, it seems that his 'hardcore Twitter 2.0' will bear little⁠—if any⁠—resemblance to its former self.

That's because Musk has announced plans to rid the microblogging platform of its biggest identifying feature: microblogging.

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When asked if it was 'true that Twitter is set to increase the characters from 280 to 4000", Musk simply said "yes."

It's the second time Musk has claimed Twitter will increase the character limit. In November, he tweeted that upping the limit was 'on the todo list'.

The proposal has been met with widespread criticism on Twitter itself.

One user wrote: "I have a friend who sends me texts that long, they go mostly unread."

Another user said "If I wanted to be on Facebook I'd be on Facebook."

Tech advocate Alex Howard wrote: "I remember [feeling] 140 characters was the secret sauce… but 280 has been better. That said, this would be the end of an era."

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Musk's bold announcement follows a report which claimed sacked cleaning staff at Twitter HQ were told they would be replaced with robots.

Fired cleaners at Twitter told the BBC they were sacked without any redundancy pay. One former cleaner, Adrianna Villarreal, said she's worried about feeding her family over Christmas after working at Twitter for four years.

She said: "We are supposed to have Christmas presents for our children. A plate of food on our table and overnight we don't have anything."


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