Builder blew lottery jackpot trying to become ‘Hugh Hefner’ of women’s wrestling

A youngest-ever lottery winner blew his jackpot launching a women's wrestling show he was the star of.

Aged just 19, Jonathan Vargas or JV Rich as he became known on his very own Wrestlicious Takedown, scooped a jaw-dropping £30million from the S.C. Education Lottery Powerball Jackpot.

His win on May 17, 2008, made him the youngest to have ever won the prize and the first to do so from South Carolina, US, and set him up to live out his wildest fantasy.

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Rather than take the full amount over time, the construction worker opted for a lump sum of £14million which he splurged on transforming himself into a media mogul cross reality TV star.

As well as adopting a Hugh Hefner-style role surrounded by scantily clad women welcome in his mansion, Jonathan went looking for love on TV, meeting 20 women in two weeks.

In the trailer it was explained that Jonathan was ready to tie the knot with his girlfriend but agreed to test his love, and potentially find someone better suited.

He said: "When I won this money, I never planned on getting married, ever. I was like f*** that. Then I met Shana. I knew she was the one, we hit it off, she's been with me ever since. At one point I did wonder if she was with me for the money.

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"Yeah I wanna find true love and I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

Commenting on the first time he saw all 20 women, Jonathan said: "The door opens, all I see is ass everywhere, everywhere."

In the introduction to his passion project of Wrestlicious Takedown, Jonathan is again appearing every inch the playboy as he's surrounded by glamorous women.

He chips into the intro of rapping wrestlers with his own verse: "I'm JV Rich and I own the show, I got the ring, I got the bling, I got the dough. I have with the ladies that nobody disses, cause all my girls are Wrestlicious."

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The series of all-female bouts along with JV's Crib which explored life in his mansion, aired two years after Jonathan's massive win thanks to a partnership with former wrestling and TV producer, Johnny Cafarella.

After a first series of 13 episodes, Wrestlicious Takedown never hit screens again following appalling reviews.

Rumours existed of an unreleased second series in 2011 but footage never came to light and the lottery winner has stayed clear of the media's spotlight ever since.


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