Bigfoot smells of ‘cat p***’ says bloke who had ‘encounter with aggressive ape’

Bigfoot and its elusive qualities have stunned people for decades, but one bloke who apparently had a run in with a Sasquatch claims he smells of "cat p***".

Taking to Reddit to talk of his encounter with the legendary beast of mythical qualities, a 1970s-based sighting appears to have stunned one man.

Citing his experiences in the Appalachian mountains in USA on a tobacco farm, an unnamed person has cited Bigfoot, who one expert claimed could "kill a man", as smelling quite funky.

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It appears that sightings of the beast, whose existence has yet to be wholly proven, ran in the family for this individual, whose mother and grandmother also claimed to have seen the beast.

In a Reddit post to an official Bigfoot forum, the unnamed user wrote: "In 1978 I lived on a 600 acre farm in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern KY.

"One night while we were walking home from the tobacco patch, we encountered what I can only describe as a Bigfoot. It wasn't aggressive, but it ran when it saw us.

"It didn't walk like the fake ones on the internet, it walked more like a huge primate. An ape but more upright.

"The smell was a strong ammonia. Like cat p***, but way stronger."

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They further claimed that having seen Star Wars just a few days before, they believed the beast was a "Wookie", the species best known as a George Lucas creation in the sci-fi series.

Claiming to have seen Bigfoot, the user added: "We told our mom and she said her grandmother had talked about seeing them."

The claim comes as one expert notes a chilling increase in Bigfoot abductions, with Daily Star reporting the expert and his claims of Sasquatch crime.

The elusive Sasquatch could quite easily "kill a man" according to one expert, who noted that the "size and strength" of Bigfoot is "unmatched by a human."

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