Scotland’s gritter lorries all have hilarious names and people can’t believe it

Scotland gets more than its fair share of snow, and so its no surprise that Scots have a more rigorous attitude to road gritting than some other Brits.

Transport Scotland operates over 200 gritters – and last winter an appeal to name its fleet of gritters received over 1,200 online entries.

Scots exercised their creativity and the trucks covering 400 miles of Scotland’s trunk roads from Glasgow to Dumfries and through to Ayr and Stranraer ended up with some extraordinary, and often hilarious, names.

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Some of the standout monickers include including “Yes Sir, Ice Can Boogie,” “Salt Disney,” and “Hansel and Grit-all”.

There’s even a whole slew of gritters celebrating Scottish-born James Bond actor Sean Connery, including “Dr Snow”, “Coldfinger”, “You Only Grit Ice”, “On Her Majesty’s Slippery Surface” and “TroonRaker”

A live map of the gritters in action has gone viral on Twitter, with Scots taking pride in the creative names and others expressing their sheer wonderment at some of the names.

“Please tell me these are genuinely the names of the Scottish gritter trucks,” wrote Bookaholic Bex, to which Kate Henry replied “Yup, they are! Nothing like the Scots sense of humour. Gritney Spears might be my favourite!”.

Kath Buckley chipped in: “My favourites are Nicole Saltslinger and Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-slip Machiney”.

Other names range from the old school, such as “Sled Zeppelin,” to to the contemporary – like “Grit-Tok”.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government agency told The Scotsman: “The level of interest in Scotland’s gritters ‘spreads’ far and wide and only this week we had interest from Russia and America who are looking to replicate the process.

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“We’ve seen a huge increase in web traffic as a result of the international coverage and interest," they added.

The quirky names have become so popular that the idea has been copied around the world. In the US, snowy states including Michigan, Minnesota and South Dakota have put the names of their own gritters to the public vote.

US name suggestions have included Salter Mondale, Lake Snow Be Gone and… predictably… Plowy McPlowface.


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