Man dressed as the Grinch arrested after hotel fight with ‘reindeer’

A man dressed as the Grinch was reportedly arrested at his office Christmas party after a brawl in a hotel with a co-worker dressed as a reindeer.

Michigan cops were called to a Traverse City hotel over the weekend and found the men from a local oil and gas equipment company in a brawl in the lobby.

A "work Christmas party started an altercation in the bar area" and police arrived and arrested the Grinch, AKA Tucker Lee Davis, 30, while the reindeer Ryan Jones, also 30, was not charged.

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The brawl started in the bar of Hotel Indigo, before spilling out into the main lobby, reports stated. The original altercation involved four employees of the energy firm, before a hotel staff member tried to intervene.

Employee Keri Stock told police she saw “the man in the green Grinch outfit” fighting and “yelling back and forth” with a man wearing a plaid jacket.

Reports said police arrived and found the reindeer protecting himself against the Grinch's attack.

Hotel worker Jared Archbold, 35, tried to intervene at this point, before a “male in the reindeer suit” manhandled him and pushed him backwards.

Then the Grinch, Davis, allegedly pounced on him and "pummelled" him while he lay on the ground, marking his eye and breaking his watch.

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Police subsequently identified the Grinch as Tucker Lee Davis and booked him into the Grand Traverse County jail on a misdemeanor assault and battery count.

Archbold said his assailant was “drunk and angry” on the night of the attack.

He admitted to being the “aggressor” during the confrontation, adding that he “took [Archbold] down to the ground in a ‘grappling style.’”

Ryan Jones, 30, was not charged.

"We go to assaults all the time," Traverse City Police Captain Keith Gillis said. "But, obviously, with the media and social media, everyone is getting a chuckle out of it because it was the Grinch. I mean, it is was it is."

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