Dyson’s unusual dystopian ‘gas mask’ headphones to go on sale in March for £750

Sick of listening to people around you and having to breathe the same air as them?

Dyson's got you, with their new Dyson Zone headphones.

First announced in March of this year, these dystopian looking headphones combine noise-cancelling headphones with a sci-fi visor that blasts the wearer with breathable clean air.

They're set to launch in China in January before hitting the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore in March.

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The Dyzon Zone is supposedly targeted at city dwellers (read: Londoners) who want to filter out noise and air pollution on the go.

Users will have to replace filters in the ear caps every 12 months in order to keep the device running, so it could end up costing even more than £750 in the long run.

Meanwhile, the headphones can block out external sound and reduce noise by 38db. They also have a 50 hour battery life, or four hours if you use the air purifier and audio at the same time.

When the Zone was first announced, chief engineer Jake Dyson said: "Air pollution is a global problem—it affects us everywhere we go. In our homes. at school, at work and as we travel, whether on foot, on a bike or by public or private transport.

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"The Dyson Zone purifies the air you breathe on the move. And unlike face masks, it delivers a plume of fresh air without touching your face, using high-performance filters and two miniaturised air pumps."

Judging by its focus on air purification, it seems like the Dyson Zone was first inspired by the pandemic, at a time when people were mandated to wear face masks in many public spaces.

However, with the pandemic largely behind us and mask-wearing in the UK almost non-existent, it's not really clear who the Dyson Zone is for—or why they'd want to wear something so dystopian.


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