‘Drunk’ Putin’s rambles on about Ukraine invasion as he says ‘they started it’

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    Rapidly deteriorating Vladimir Putin has been accused of appearing drunk at a military awards ceremony and rambling on about the Ukraine invasion, saying "they started it".

    Just days after reports that the hardman Russian leader pooed himself, he now has to deal with suggestions that he hit the booze too hard at a military awards ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow on Thursday, December 8.

    "Swaying from side to side," as Yahoo put it, Putin addressed reporters as he clutched a champagne flute full of the good stuff and admitted to bombing Ukraine.

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    “There’s a lot of noise right now about our strikes against the energy infrastructure of the neighbouring country,” he says.

    “Yes, we are doing it, but who started it? Who struck the Crimean bridge? Who blew up the power lines of the Kursk Nuclear Power Station? Who is not providing water to Donetsk?"

    Putin, who has been accused of genocide by several reputable sources, then accused Ukraine of genocide.

    He said this because of the water blockade of Donetsk by Ukraine’s armed forces.

    “Just as we make a move, do something in response, noise and crackle start for the whole universe,” he said referring to Russia’s repeated attacks. “This will not prevent us from completing military objectives.”

    The footage was posted on Friday morning, and has caused quite a stir.

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    “This is the first time that I have seen Putin seeming drunk in any context,” wrote Anders Aslund, an economist who served as an advisor to the Russian and Ukrainian governments in the 90s.

    “He talks nonsense as usual but he seems to realise that he is a loser. Very interesting and promising. All Russians will see that he is drunk and weak.”

    Putin avoids drinking alcohol, Politico reports, except during formal receptions.

    It was previously reported that Kremlin officials 'have hit the vodka', with Putin himself 'worried by drinking among his inner circle' because of the disastrous invasion of Ukraine.

    Russian independent media outlet Meduza cited a source in the Kremlin who said: "People have been relieving their stress this way since February,' a source from inside the Kremlin said.

    "Ministers, their subordinates, and even some deputy prime ministers, presidential administration and Security Council members, state corporation heads, and governors [have begun to drink more]."

    And it's not just Putin and his aides getting merry, his brave soldiers are at it too. There have been dozens of reports of soldiers and recent conscripts being drunk.

    Most recently, Sam Kiley of CNN spoke to Kherson resistance fighters that helped liberate the Ukrainian city from Russia, and who said their fighters "were wasted".

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