Putin’s notorious Wagner Group now ‘targeting volunteers helping in Ukraine’

Volunteers travelling to Ukraine to help locals in the face of Russia's invasion are being warned that they are now a target for President Vladimir Putin's notorious and murderous Wagner Group.

The group, which has been seen as Putin's most dangerous gang of soldiers since the invasion began, has become synonymous with the Russian leader's brutal war.

From evidence of murder and rape of innocent Ukrainians, to pillaging and stealing from locals, the group has built a reputation for being the worst of the worse.

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And they are now targeting innocent civilian volunteers coming the Ukraine from around the world.

Speaking to Newsweek, retired United States Marine Corps Colonel Andrew Milburn said that he had issues finding a hotel in the Donbas area as staff were turning him away because he was a “target”.

He claimed: “There's no hotel in Donbas now that will let us stay because they've been told we're being targeted.

"We have had three hotels that we stayed in hit by missiles, which could have been random.

“They could definitely be targeting us, which seems like a lot of resources to focus on a group that's doing mostly humanitarian work.

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"None of these threats or all the b******t flying around on Telegram are going to affect our operations at all.”
Colonel Milburn is part of the volunteer group known as Mozart.

They give aid and resources to locals in need, and are not a “private military company”, despite being labelled as such.

They have also been helping to train Ukrainian soldiers.

He added: “We have a higher emotional intelligence, we recruit a different sort of person.

“We're not armed, we don't fight.

“We have nothing in common with other PMCs.

"We're the only ones that are regularly posting pictures and footage and reports of what is going on, which is an absolute annihilation of Ukrainian frontline towns to an extent that I have not seen in the media.”

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