Shrek rave sees revellers dressed as iconic characters in boozy tribute tour

An all star selection of Shrek characters were spotted at an ogre-themed tribute to the DreamWorks classic as revellers live it up with a Shrek-themed party.

Partygoers donned costumes of the iconic green movie character and the characters that appeared in the Shrek series in a fascinating, bizarre rave event.

Shrek Rave is currently touring Australia and offers party-goers the chance to dress as characters from the film without judgement from members of the general public, who may be less than impressed to see green face paint in public.

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The rave boasts what is likely the most Shrek-themed party of the year, with Smash Mouth tracks and dancing throughout.

The cultural phenomenon has been out for more than two decades now but is enjoying a cultural resurgence thanks to cheeky memes and nostalgia from partying mega fans.

One video posted to the official ShrekRaveAU TikTok account showed punters dressed up as the fairytale caricatures featured in the Shrek anthology, LADBible reported.

Setting their sites on seven venues across Australia, the swamp rave will redesign the traditional rave environment and showcase some Shrek-themed bits and pieces.

To be fair, the soundtrack to the Shrek feature films offer more than enough variety for revellers wanting to move their feet to The Monkees, Smash Mouth and Leonard Cohen.

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Shrek enjoyed commercial and critical success in its heyday, bagging an Academy Award and making DreamWorks Studios a fair slice of cash in the process.

Over 12 years on from the release of the most recent Shrek feature film, Shrek Forever After, it would appear that a love for the Mike Myers-voiced character is as strong as ever.

It appears a Shrek-themed rave is heading to America too, with Las Vegas patrons warned that "it's dumb just come have fun" in promotional material advertising a Shrek Rave.

A setlist for the evening has yet to be released, but there are plenty of tracks to choose from that have the honour of being associated with the Shrek franchise.

From Sly and the Family Stone to Culture Club, there is plenty to choose from for the pop culture legend and the many offshoots it offered.

One such musical offshoot was a strange Simon Cowell cameo and its Far Far Away Idol mockup, a clear reworking of the popular American Idol programme in 2004.

The likes of The Turtles, Madonna and Billy Joel were covered by characters featured in the movie, while the likes of David Bowie, Tom Waits and Nick Cave were featured on the soundtrack to the sequel.

Even the ill-forgotten third feature had Glastonbury headliner Paul McCartney and pieces of Led Zeppelin hidden away on the soundtrack.

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