Internet baffled as UK police force share image of officer reimagined as ‘furry’

People are baffled after a UK police force shared a mock-up of one of their officers as a furry.

For those also unaware, furries are an online community who "create for themselves an anthropomorphised animal character (fursona) with whom they identify", according to Furscience.

Furries often make costumes and dress up as their fursonas, attending conventions and sometimes roleplaying as animals.

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Yesterday (Monday, December 5) Cleveland Police in the northeast of England posted an image on Facebook, showing one of their response officers reimagined as a furry.

The post read: "Look at this amazing and unique artwork of one of our Redcar response officers (PC Crutchley) – by talented 14-year-old Ellie. She created this after some positive local engagement work by our officers."

The image showed PC Crutchley in wolf form, holding a gun in one hand with his ears poking above his police hat.

Cleveland Police have now limited who can comment on the snap, but not before someone managed to joke "probably fights more crime than the real police". The image has been liked 1,800 times and has over 1,500 shares.

It also caught the attention of people on the r/CasualUK Reddit page, where a screenshot of the post was shared alongside the caption: "So anyone going to tell them…"

Lots of commenters were simply impressed by how good the drawing was, especially since it had come from a 14-year-old.

"Wolf in police clothing," one person joked.

A few people suggested the symbol for the SS – Adolf Hitler's elite security force – could be spotted on the wolf's walkie-talkie, but the artist later cleared that up on Instagram.

They wrote: "The walkie talkie is NOT a SS, its a highlight/shine, I didnt even know that symbol was a thing! [sic]"

Cleveland Police themselves added on Twitter: "There is no hidden messaging or political statement being made in the art. It is an innocent design created by a young girl."

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