Roundabout Society demands people take ‘genuine interest’ in local roundabouts

President of the UK's Roundabout Society has said people need to take more of a "genuine" interest in the roundabouts in their local area.

Speaking clearly and not at all in a roundabout way, Kevin Beresford, nicknamed Lord of the Rings, hopes to give roundabouts the worldwide appreciation they rightly deserve.

President Beresford of the Roundabout Appreciation Society has said the "blank canvases" of the mighty roundabout need to be paid more attention from motorists and members of the public alike.

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Equipped with a "passion" for roundabouts and a yearly calendar of the greatest hits of those lovely traffic circles, President Beresford noted how he became interested.

He said: "The interest grew into – I'm not going to say an obsession – a passion. Artists have always focused on the mundane. People might see a roundabout as mundane, but they are blank canvases.

"We should all be drawn to these wonderful creations of art. Research in Pennsylvania proved roundabouts flow more freely than traffic lights — and save up to 40% on fuel costs.

"They reduce accidents by 35% and road fatalities by 90%, when compared with traffic lights."

Lord of the Rings Kev, whose wife divorced him after he paid the price of a personal life to pursue roundabouts, added there was "nobody stopping me visiting roundabouts when I like now".

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President Beresford noted motorists did not "fully appreciate" roundabouts, the so-called "mecca" of which resides in Letchworth Garden City.

Ambassador for the Mundane, as his website lists him, President Beresford is holding his own on a number of projects.

His website reads that he is currently "appreciating Village Notice Boards, Car Parks, Her Majesty’s Prisons, Bench spotting., Rubbish Dumps, Red telephone booths, Pillar Post Boxes… each year the list just grows."

His observations of ordinary granted him the title of Ambassador for the Mundane, a proud title that oversees the "blank canvases" of roundabouts.

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