Huge one-metre-long cat is already bigger than average dogs – and still growing

A family's pet cat is so large that it often gets mistaken for a dog, or occasionally even a lion.

Murphy, a Maine Coon cat, is reportedly 11kg and is 104cm long head to tail at just 12 months old.

Owner Sareeta Brewin, 46, says she often gets tagged in posts of big cat sightings across Worcestershire.

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Murphy has a big appetite and costs a fortune to feed – getting through £60 worth of dry food every month.

The mum of three said: “Murphy is one now and we got him last November.

“He was about 13 or 14 weeks old and at that stage, he was the same size as our regular cat who’s only little.

“It’s like we’ve got a cat and a mouse with the size of him. She looks so small compared to him.”

Murphy is expected to get even bigger, with his breed often growing until they’re about three years old.

Sareeta said: “Who knows how big Murphy is going to get – he’s already the size of your average dog.

“I’ve even had to buy a dog carrier for him when I take him to the vets because he won’t fit in a cat carrier.”

The feline often gets mistaken for a dog and she often gets remarks about a “wild cat on the loose.”

Last Christmas, Murphy chewed his way through dozens of festive lights and the family’s iPhone cables – which cost a total of £300 to replace.

Fearing a repeat of last year’s antics, Sareeta said that she hadn't put up her Christmas decorations this year.

Dogs can even get a bit “freaked out” by him, although their little cat doesn’t mind him and they play together.

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She’s keeping an extra close eye on his length in the coming years to see if he can break the size record.

“I'm sure we could get a few extra inches out of him but I’ll be keeping a close eye on him just in case,” Sareeta says.

The current world record-breaking cat is called Stewie from Nevada, USA, who measures more than 121cm long.

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