Distraught mothers of fallen Russian soldiers ‘rewarded’ with cheap towels

Mothers of Russian soldiers who have died in the invasion of Ukraine have been 'rewarded' with a tacky set of towels in a move branded "grotesque" and "outrageous".

The move, from leaders of the Kursk region in western Russia, began circulating on Mother's Day which fell on November 27 in Russia this year.

Some of the mothers were even given a cake and also the honorary title 'Mothers of the Defenders of the Homeland.'

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Russian newspaper Vesma reported that one of the district leaders of the Kursk region, Sergey Korostelev, gave a set of towels to mothers who lost their sons in the conflict.

“On the eve of the celebration of Mother’s Day, I met with the mothers of fallen soldiers who participated in a special military operation in Ukraine,” wrote Korostelev on the VKontakte social network.

He supplemented the message with photos of him alongside mothers who are visibly embarrassed. He later deleted the post.

The administration of the Kursk region said to TASS: "This case is an example of non-compliance with moral standards by local authorities. Perhaps the head of the district was motivated by the desire to help families, but he achieved the opposite effect.

“Such an attitude towards people who have experienced an irreplaceable loss must have consequences for the head of the district. Such indifference and actions that discredit the authorities as a whole must be prevented."

Earlier, the governor of the Irkutsk region, Igor Kobzev, gave the women the superficial aforementioned title Mothers of the Defenders of the Homeland.'

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Many people voiced their displeasure at receiving the "cheap" kits, Vesma stated.

The move comes after the mayor of Yakutsk, in east Siberia, said that the families of men mobilised in the city are entitled to a free bag of vegetables.

It was also reported that families on soldiers mobilised on Sakhalin, a Russian island in the Pacific Ocean, north of Japan, were given a frozen 5kg block of fish for their sacrifice.

"They’ve run out of 5kg fish bricks so now when your Russian son dies after mobilization, you just get a set of 3 decorative towels from the dollar store. By the way, this is real," tweeted one person, ridiculing the decision.

A second person added: "They lost ONE child, but they got THREE decorative towels. Not a bad deal according to the Russian standards."

"Giving three towels to a now childless couple is heartless," a third person offered.

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