Google’s app of the year lets you make your own AI artwork in seconds – for free

2022 will be known for many things, but when it comes to futuristic technology, AI-generated art is undoubtedly one of the biggest developments this year.

It's no longer the preserve of nerds with supercomputers either, as 'making' AI art is as easy as downloading an app to your smartphone.

That's probably why Google selected AI art app 'Dream by WOMBO' as its number one Android app of 2022.

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This free app lets you make convincing AI artworks in seconds using text prompts and images of your choice, including of your favourite celebs, in a huge variety of visual styles.

Commenting on the announcement, Google's Tian Lim said: "[Like] every year, 2022's winners reflect what matters most to people right now—ranging from games that help us escape reality and enter a whole new world, to apps that help us stay grounded and present."

You can try out Dream on your Android device or on your web browser.

WOMBO is also well-known for its AI lip sync app, which can make any photo of a face into an animated lip sync video.

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Andrew Yool, who reviewed the app on the Play Store, said: "A great AI art app. There's a lot of fun to be had with it, and some of the images I've managed to prompt it to produce are just great..

Another reviewer said that the premium version is 'fantastic' and produces "really creative and realistic renders".

However, some users have criticised the free version of the app for having too many 'annoying' ads.

Other top apps and games Google selected include:

  • Apex Legends Mobile
  • BeReal
  • PetStar
  • Dicey Dungeons
  • Plant Parent
  • Genshin Impact


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