Rap video secretly recorded in cell by two lags sparks massive investigation

Two prisoners in a Michigan jail flouted the strict rules against mobile phones in cells by filming their own rap video and uploading it to the internet.

The clip was recorded inside Macomb Correctional Facility, says Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Gautz, and two prisoners featured in it have been identified and placed in segregation.

The lags – who bill themselves as 24 Superbadd37 and 82 Treezy – made no attempt to conceal their identities in the video, and prison officers glimpsed in the background of some shots appear not to realise what’s happening.

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"I've got a lot to say; I've got to get this off my chest," one of the two prisoners featured in the video says.

The warden at Macomb Correctional Facility, George Stephenson, was recently replaced and ordered not to return to the prison.

The “personnel issue” relating to Stephenson came on October 18, the same day that one prisoner was killed and another injured in fights at Macomb.

The rap video, which has only recently come to light, is believed to have been shot in September.

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Gautz told the Detroit Free Press that it’s “incredibly dangerous” if prisoners get access to mobile phones, “especially with the capability of getting onto the internet.”

It's a criminal offence to smuggle phones, cameras, tobacco, or other drugs into US prisons.

Gautz points out that mobile phones could be used to arrange escapes or orchestrate crimes, such as witness intimidation.

In this case, the phone appears to have been one of two smuggled into the prison. One of the prisoners can be seen using a phone while sitting on a bunk while being filmed with another device.

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State politicians tabled an urgent question in a Senate Oversight Committee hearing with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Kyle Kaminski, the department's legislative liaison, jokingly responded to queries from Senator Ed McBroom by saying: "I hear it's not particularly good from a musical perspective”.

He confirmed that the prisoners could face criminal charges as well as an internal disciplinary procedure.


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