Inside Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck kitted out for posh candle lit dinner

Coca-Cola has allowed a rare glimpse inside one of its famous red Christmas trucks and it is far more than just a crate of bottles.

A driver of one of the fizzy drink giant's Santa-adorned lorries, has allowed cameras inside for a tour at a stop on its festive road trip.

Incredibly, images reveal the lorry is set up for a fancy dinner with eight chairs placed at a table dotted with wine glasses and electric candles, in a scene that wouldn't look out of place on Valentine's Day.

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Surrounding the white table-clothed setting are red curtains draped across the ceiling and walls, making it unrecognisable from the inside of a lorry.

It really is red inside out.

Adding to the Christmassy romance of the table for eight are electric candles seemingly floating in the air and a side table lined with Coca-Cola bottles and merchandise.

The scene really is befitting of a Game of Thrones: Red Wedding recreation.

If guests are worried about catching a chill as they tuck into a meal inside a massive vehicle, it appears that they needn't be as branded blankets have been laid out on each chair.

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Brits wondering how to bag a spot on the lorry, however, may be left disappointed as this particular vehicle driven by Jari Tarkkanen, is currently touring Finland, Tarkkanen reports.

Jari is one of three drivers of the lorry which has stops scheduled for eight cities across Finland.

Back in the UK, the Daily Star is making sure fans know when and where they can catch the truck which set off on its tour of Blighty last Friday in Kent.

On day two it was hit by Plastics Rebellion protestors who dressed up as elves in a demonstration against Coca-Cola being the world's biggest plastic polluter.

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For every visit to the Christmas truck this year, Coca-Cola will donate a meal to foodbank charity FareShare, which the estimate will exceed 100,000 dinners.

Laura Moon, senior brand manager at The Coca-Cola Company, Great Britain, said: “Coca-Cola has always been synonymous with Christmas, particularly the iconic Truck Tour and Holidays Are Coming advert.

There will be QR codes allowing visitors to access a host of interactive games, plus huts that will serve up seasonal food. Visitors can also buy Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Original Taste and have them personalised with their name or short phrase.


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