US official ‘sacked’ from London embassy after supporting England in World Cup

The US Embassy in London has announced the "sacking" of official spokesman because he insisted on supporting The Three Lions.

Alongside a video, showing Aaron Snipe being discipled for his team loyalty by the embassy’s HR department, embassy staff jokingly wrote: “We are sad to announce the departure of our spokesperson Aaron Snipe, but some things are more important than diplomacy”

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In response, Dame Karen Pierce, the British ambassador to the US and the former president of the United Nations Security Council, tweeted: “He can be our new UK sports attaché”.

However, US ambassador Jane Hartley doubled down one the original joke, firing back “You can have him.”

The video shows Aaron strolling into the US Embassy’s offices in Nine Elms, south London, wearing an England scarf.

We see that his office is bedecked with England flags, but also a note from angry co-workers that spells out the word “traitor”.

He’s then called in to the HRT office for a disciplinary meeting.

In the meeting, Aaron is told: “Look man, I don’t know why I need to be the one reminding you, but you’re an American. You work for the U.S. Embassy. You cannot be rooting for England”.

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The HR executive adds: “I’m gonna need you to take those decorations down. Take that shirt off. And I don’t want to have to call you up here again.”

Aaron leaves the office, pulling off his England shirt, only to reveal that he was wearing an England away kit underneath.

A caption then appears informing viewer that, “Aaron Snipe is no longer employed by the U.S. Embassy in London.”

Aaron told the Daily Mail that he had cooked up the ice for the video along with a few British and American co-workers.

“Obviously we are huge, huge fans of England football at the embassy,” he said.


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