Elon Musk mocked after posting picture of bedside table where he keeps his guns

Elon Musk has been widely mocked for posting a photo of his bedside table which made him look, according to one commenter, “more divorced than anyone has even been”.

The photo shows a miniature reproduction of Emanuel Leutze’s painting Washington Crossing the Delaware along with a number of empty Diet Coke cans at the bedside of the world's richest man.

Out on the edge of the image can be seen a Vajra, a a type of club with a ribbed spherical head that's thought of in Indian mythology as one of the most powerful weapons in the universe

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Centre stage though is taken by two imitation pistols. One is a flintlock-style weapon of the type that might have been used by Washington’s revolutionary army when the fledgling United States fought against the British.

The other appears to be a 3D-printed reproduction of the Diamondback .357 Revolver from 2011 video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

While a few Musk fans responded with approval, most Twitter users seemed to find the picture sad and ridiculous.

Matthew Foster commented “Just a Totally Normal Person then”, while Mike Stuchbery opined: “This is more divorced than anyone has even been. It's hurtling past Saturn”.

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In response to a question about the antique looking pistol, one Twitter comedian quipped “it’s Elon’s Musket”.

Legendary Twitter artist and commentator Cold War Steve created his own take on the photo, in which he “zoomed out” to show Musk in bed with former US President Donald Trump

Others were pitying. One commenter observed: "Empty cans, a gun, a commemorative gun in a box… no photos of a significant other or any of your children, no favourite book, no warmth. Just stark. Cold. Empty. Grey. How do you sleep?”

Another Twitter user, risking a summary ban from the free speech advocate, replied: “He apparently doesn’t as he seems to tweet at all hours.

"He seems like a sad lonely man devoid of any real human interactions”.


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