‘Underwater aliens’ thanked for protection as deadly tropical storm diverted

Grateful locals are praising underwater extra-terrestrials for saving their lives after a deadly tropical storm that was headed straight for them mysteriously changed direction.

Residents in Mexico believe a supernatural entity has protected them from the terrifying weather phenomenon for over 50 years, ever since multiple witnesses saw nine UFOs in the sky in 1967.

The sightings were confirmed by the local air traffic control tower at the time and have been widely believed among open-minded members of the community.

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Ever since the supposed alien landing by Miramar Beach, the nearby cities Madero and Tampico haven’t had any extreme weather events – despite two massive hurricanes in 1955 and 1966 hurtling towards them but suddenly changing direction.

People living in the area now have so much faith in the "underwater extra-terrestrials" that they weren’t fazed by the news that Tropical Storm Karl was hurtling towards them last month.

Beatriz Garcia, 71, told VICE World News: “I immediately said ‘they are going to protect us.’

“And this is what I believe and trust: that they exist, that there is a base.”

Miraculously, she was right and Tropical Storm Karl suddenly changed course to the Gulf of Mexico despite being headed for Madero and Tampico.

And it isn’t the only time – in 1988, Hurricane Gilbert was predicted to devastate the area but instead hit the Caribbean and US.

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While years later in 2005, Hurricane Katrina diverted to New Orleans after locals took to Miramar Beach holding signs asking for alien protection.

But although much of the area does believe in extra-terrestrial life, not everyone thinks the beings are doing it out of a love for humans.

According to Juan Abraham Soto, who says he saw UFOs multiple times while working around the waters, it’s more a case of them looking out for themselves.

“I believe that more than protecting us, it’s also that they are protecting themselves,” he explained.

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