‘Skilled’ robot goalkeeper could put Jordan Pickford out of a job thanks to AI

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    England's beleaguered goalie Jordan Pickford could have his work cut out for him—thanks to a crack new robot dog.

    A team of researchers has developed a four-legged robot goalkeeper that uses powerful artificial intelligence to detect and defend against goal attacks.

    The dog can sidestep, jump and dive to prevent balls hitting the back of the net.

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    An impressive video shared by the researchers shows off the robot's capabilities, which are powered by machine vision. The 'Mini Cheetah' is showed facing off against a mixture of robots and humans against 'Eye of the Tiger'.

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    The 'Mini Cheetah' however shows that robots can be adept goalkeepers even against human challengers.

    It could only be a matter of time until a robot goalie is considered for the England squad, amid reports that Aaron Ramsdale plans to oust Jordan Pickford as England's World Cup goalkeeper.

    However, both could have their work cut out for them if the Mini Cheetah becomes any more advanced. That is, unless someone unplugs it from the mains, in which case it's game over.


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