New Warzone 2.0 map ‘looks like Quagmire from Family Guy’, gamers complain

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is finally here, and while fans have praised its new features and upgraded graphics, some of them have one question: why does the new map look like Quagmire?

A popular Call of Duty fanpage shared a side-by-side comparison of the new Warzone map and Quagmire, the Family Guy character, demonstrating how the map is shaped like his face.

Glenn Quagmire is widely known as the big-chinned, sex-crazed neighbour of Peter Griffin in the popular animated sitcom Family Guy. It is unlikely that the resemblance was deliberate.

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One Warzone fan wrote: "I can't unsee this" while another posted Quagmire's catchphrase, "giggity".

Warzone 2.0's new map is called Al Mazrah, Call of Duty's biggest battle royale map so far. The team behind the game reportedly began work on it as soon as they finished making Verdansk, the first ever Warzone map.

The map is inspired by Modern Warfare 2's fictional 'Middle East' setting, and combines high ground as well as numerous water features.

Warzone 2.0 has largely been met by positive reception from fans, who have praised its new DMZ gamemode as well as the new map.

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Players have meanwhile criticised the new Gulag system, which gives dead players a change to come back to life if they survive a 2v2 battle against a Jailer.

It's been released hot on the heels of Modern Warfare II, which our reviewer praised for its "stellar action-packed story campaign featuring some of the best next-gen graphics out there, the return of co-op mission play and a thoroughly addictive multiplayer suite."

While Modern Warfare II builds on the series' classic arcade run-and-gun gameplay of a few dozen players online, Warzone features massive battles of up to 150 players on huge maps.


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