Topless England fan ‘Tango’ fires back at trolls after stripping off in Qatar

A football obsessed Yorkshireman who has been on the receiving end of abuse dished out by internet trolls has refused to let their mocking get the better of him.

Paul Gregory aka Tango, has a habit of taking of his shirt off at football matches, with people on social media, especially Twitter, taking notice.

He says he has regularly been called "Gammon" – a derogtaroy term used to stereotype men as being pink-skinned and right-wing.

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Tango however is refusing to be cowed by the trolls, recently posting another picture of himself topless at the World Cup in Qatar, saying: "Fully exposed again and totally legal, spreading the gospel for club and country WAWAEAW, GSTK."

His post was accompanied by two images, one of which shows him enjoying the beach in Qatar, England flag in hand, while another picture showing him sitting down at the same beach with his customary England flag and a pair of crutches by his side.

There were however many declarations of support for the Englishman.

One user wrote: "This is unbelievable, Tango is the nicest guy you would ever meet and is so passionate about his club and country football teams, I admire this guy so much and wish people was like him."

Another said: "Great effort tango lad.. try and keep hydrated."

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Another user added: "The most English man I’ve ever seen, love it. Struggling on the crutches but still gets the photo stood up, what a man."

Some also fired back at the trolls for their unkind comments.

"I don't follow football or Paul. However, he seems to be a decent enough fella. You on the other hand seem toxic, judgemental and fairly unpleasant," a user said.

Tango meanwhile has also been hitting back at some of the trolls, telling one who called him smelly he would buy deodorant next time.

"Ha ha love it see ya next season at your place come and have a drink pal always go with your boys top day out I’ll buy some lynx," he said.


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