Demanding weekly reports from Twitter staff is ‘not unreasonable’ says Elon Musk

Tesla, Twitter and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been forced to defend his decision to demand weekly update emails from staff at Twitter.

The billionaire reportedly circulated an internal email to employees asked them to provide weekly updates on their work, asking them to include the following:

  • the project they're working on
  • what they're trying to accomplish
  • code / samples

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In the email,

: "it is critical to understand what everyone is working on and who is coding what", adding that this would help them 'innovate rapidly'.

The email was apparently sent out by the Twitter Engineering department, which is led directly by Musk himself.

In a tweet, the Twitter CEO added: "Perhaps not unreasonable to know if anything was accomplished."

One Twitter user John Smith, said: "Micro managing… wonderful. Here is the problem with that… you end up just working on 'quick win' tasks. It's hard to explain 'Oh I spent the week experimenting and researching different systems to see which one we might be able to integrate later on."

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However, others defended Musk. Twitter user Alanah Pearce said: "Ok I have done this at almost every job I've had, some daily. Why is this one breaking news?"

Meanwhile, Twitter user Stephanie Ruhle said: "This doesn't sound unreasonable."

The requirement is the latest iteration of Musk's strict new regime at Twitter, where he has reportedly started hiring new staff again after sacking more than half the workforce.


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