Bigfoot hunter says humanity is alien species that took Earth from sasquatches

A Bigfoot hunter has claimed that humans are a foreign species on Earth and invaded the planet to take it from sasquatches.

The conspiracy theorist posted his yarn on the r/Bigfoot sub Reddit, saying that sasquatches were "the true original intelligent inhabitants of this planet".

The unnamed Bigfoot buff said "we are the aliens here" because the mythical beasts allegedly existed many years before us.

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The enthusiast wrote: "I often think about how much Bigfoot is the apex predator and master of the wilderness. Truly adapted to live and thrive out there.

"I also often think about my own conclusion of the human species being a genetically manipulated hybrid race by outside forces. I believe we were seeded here. Created here. Probably by an extra-terrestrial intelligence."

On the post that inspired much discussion, the person continued: "So Bigfoot are more than likely the true original intelligent inhabitants of this planet. We are the newcomers, we are the aliens here. 150-200 thousand years ago we pop up and poor old Neanderthal disappears.

"How much longer have sasquatch been here for? 100’s of thousands of years longer? Millions?

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"They are the true custodians of the earth. Not us."

In agreement, one person responded: "I’ve had this thought. Possibly that we are even a Bigfoot/alien hybrid. They laughed me off this sub when I brought it up once. However, I’m still here."

"Maybe. All things considered, it's not that far out, I've certainly heard things that make less sense," a second person wrote.

Surprisingly, the person's post was unanimously supported, with a third person writing: "Perfectly explained. I can say I completely agree with you. In fact I feel that it makes more sense than the other explanations that have been main streamed."


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