TikToker’s warning after weirdo stalker tracked her with sick AirPods trick

A TikToker on the receiving end of creepy behaviour after a date is warning other women about a man's scary AirPods trick.

Cory claims that when she got home from a date with a man, who she had seen a couple of times, she found he had placed his AirPods inside her gym bag so as to track her location using the AirPods GPS feature.

“I had a weird gut feeling about this guy, like really, really weird from the beginning,” Cory, known as @corrrryyy on TikTok, said in a clip that has since gone viral.

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The model said she went on date with the man at a gym in Los Angeles, US.

Once she discovered his AirPods after the date, she found it odd that he did not contact her to get them back, leaving her to believe something more sinister was going on.

“My gut reaction was, he’s tracking me, which he absolutely was because there’s literally no other reason. Why would he put his AirPods in my bag and not tell me?” she said.

AirPods can be tracked by users using the Find My app.

Cory eventually confronted the man about the AirPods and he accused her of stealing them.

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She then asked for an address so she could drop them off, but bizarrely he insisted that she keep them while also flat out ignoring her questions about how the earphones ended up in her bag.

“He was just like ‘you’re overthinking it. I already bought new ones. Throw them in a lake',” she said.

Cory said there were red flags from the beginning, including the fact that he seemed to have no online presence whatsoever.

“How do you have no social media? Not even a f***ing LinkedIn?” she said.

One commenter revealed they too had fallen victim to the creepy scheme.

“The other night I went shopping and I got a notification on my phone saying AirPod pros are moving with you and I don’t own them,” they said.


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