Teen’s escape ‘after mum and grandma locked her in room for at least a year’

A shocking video has emerged showing an 18-year-old girl climbing back into her room after briefly escaping her abusers' home to get food and water.

It is thought the girl had been locked in her bedroom for an entire by her mother and grandmother.

The girl, who has not been identified, was given only given tiny amounts of food and had only a bucket to go to the toilet in.

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The 18-year-old's mother Addy Gonzales and grandmother Maria Pasarin have both been charged with child abuse and false imprisonment along with a man, Daniel Omezcua.

Police were alerted to the mistreatment after the teen was seen trying to use a ladder to climb back into her room on November 4 in North Las Vegas, US.

The girl was reportedly attempting to forage for food and water from a neighbour's back garden, with the owner of the house catching the incident on camera.

The victim informed the neighbour that she had climbed down using sheets and tying clothes together and also drunk water from a hose, such was her severe dehydration.

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The neighbour urged the teen to call the police about her treatment, but she said "no one would be believe me".

Another neighbour, also concerned by things they had seen, asked if the teen needed help, but she merely pointed to a ladder which she planned to use to get over a concrete wall and back to her bedroom.

Police were alerted to the incident and arrived at the property at 3.30pm.

Gonzales, Omezcua and Pasarin were arrested shortly after.

Shockingly, the girl's mother had been working for years in the county's schools as a "family learning advocate".

A Clark County spokesman said in a statement: "This is a tragic event and while Clark County cannot comment on the specifics because of confidentiality and ongoing investigations, we are ensuring that, moving forward, all the support that is needed is available and will be provided."

All three adults are due in court on Monday.


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