Bloke devours 40 chickens in 40 days as he ‘didn’t feel enough pain’ from 30

A bloke who ate 40 cooked chickens in 40 days has shed some light on exactly why completed the insane food challenge.

Alexander Tominsky, 31, managed to reach legend status in Philadelphia after his eating marathon, and had his achievement capped off with a crowd surrounding him chanting "eat that bird".

Tominsky had documented his journey with daily selfies on Twitter and posted signs inviting the masses to witness what would be his final chicken feast at the abandoned pier by a local branch of supermarket Walmart.

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The city, which had in the space of five hours, lost both the World Series in baseball and the Major League Soccer Cup earlier this month, needed a celebration to sink its teeth into, and this is where "The Philadelphia Chicken Man" came in.

But Tominsky was only meant to eat 30 chickens in 30 days– but pushed through to 40 in 40 days instead, and it was all to do with “wanting to feel pain”.

Explaining why, he said: “I keep saying this, but it's the truth – it just felt like the right thing to do.

“It was something in my subconscious that was pushing me to the longevity of at least seven days, and then 30 days. And then at 30 days, I didn't feel enough pain, so I took it to 40.

“A rotisserie chicken, it's almost like sensory overload. Like, the smell, the way it sounds when you pull it apart, the taste — like, everything, every bit about it is just very amplified when it comes to your senses.

“My adrenaline was pumping.

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“There was just so much serotonin dancing around inside my skull that the flavour wasn't really even something that was in my consciousness at all — just the sound of people screaming with joy.”

Tominsky has not given any indication on future food challenges, just yet, but it's probaby safe to say he won't be eating chickens again any time soon.

He added: “My body is ready for repair.”

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