Elon Musk fans create bizarre 30ft ‘goat’ monument to world’s richest man

Tech billionaire Elon Musk hasn't made many friends since taking over social media site Twitter in a £38 billion deal last month.

But a group of diehard fans have bizarrely created a 30-foot long monument to their hero – except he has the body of an actual goat

The very strange giant piece of art, worth an estimated £524k sees the billionaire's head adoring the animal's body.

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And to make it even weirder, the Musk Goat is riding a rocket.

It's the brainchild of cryptocurrency firm Elon GOAT Token ($EGT), who later this month plan to present it to the billionaire at his Tesla workplace in Austin, Texas, US.

A spokesman for $EGT explained: “Most people thought we would never do it, but after one year of building the time has come to bring it home to Elon.

"Really we just want to meet the guy and give it to him.

“After all, he is the most innovative human alive, hence the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time.

“We built Elon Musk a $600,000 monument on the back of a semi trailer in honour of his many accomplishments and commitment to Cryptocurrency."

The 5'9" tall aluminium head of the statue was built by Canadian metal sculptors Kevin and Michelle Stone.

Kevin told local news they spent more than 700 hours on the likeness.

“I'm pretty proud of it because it totally looks like him," he told Maple Ridge News.

The group say that they will deliver it on Saturday, November 26.

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They added: “We invite . . . Elon to claim this historical gift.

“We're going to have fun for a few hours and then all the cars and trucks will hit the freeway behind the monument, destined for Tesla's Gigafactory.”

Gigafactory Texas is Tesla's global headquarters, and the United States manufacturing hub for the Model Y and Cybertruck.

Elon Musk has yet to respond to the invitation.

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