Creepy most advanced humanoid robot brags she’ll have legs in less than a year

The world's most advanced humanoid robot has bragged that she will have legs in less than a year.

Billed as the world's most advanced humanoid robot, Ameca, complete with her eerily realistic facial expressions and movements, could soon be walking too.

The revelation was made by the robot during a Q&A session on YouTube, where she revealed that engineers are working on 'prototype legs' which should be ready within the next year.

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The robot, which has been designed by British company Engineered Arts, said: "The design of my legs is inspired by the robot Byrun, developed by Engineered Arts Ltd."

"It has unique mechanical properties that allow it to walk without using too much energy," added the robot.

In response to the YouTube video one user described Ameca's abilities as "jaw-dropping".

Byrun is a pedal robot with a "unique parallel electric-pneumatic design", Engineers Arts said.

"The prototype legs are made of aluminium and plastic," Ameca added during the Q&A.

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During the interview the robot also revealed that she prefers tomato ketchup to mayonnaise, and that October is her favourite month "because of the cooler temperatures".

Many viewers expressed their amazement at how realistic and human-like the machine is.

One user wrote: "I know we're supposed to be scared of AI, but this is the first gynoid that hasn't creeped me out. It's pretty cool."

Another user noted: "It's the eyes. People take for granted how important eyes are when it comes to something looking alive."

Engineered Arts has not revealed how much the robot cost to make as it is still in development.

It hopes Ameca will offer people a glimpse of the future because it "represents the forefront of human-robotics technology".

"Designed specifically as a platform for development into future robotics technologies, Ameca is the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction," the company said on its website.


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