Alexa ‘broken’ after ‘terrible’ Amazon Music update that leaves fans furious

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa appears to be far from helpful following a "terrible" update that has "broken" the Amazon Music feature.

Those hoping to hear all their favourites have been left fuming following an update that changes how the device picks and chooses music for those listening at home.

The major update and changes that have come through for the virtual assistant now mean dozens of people are left attempting to play their favourite artists and albums to no avail.

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Instead of specific tracks, Alexa will now shuffle other, similar artists into the playlist, whether music lovers like it or not.

Outrage struck Twitter, with one user who labelled the update as "broken", saying: "Amazon, you broke Alexa now when you ask her to play a song instead of her actually PLAYING the song… she replies 'shuffling songs by'.

"I didn't ask her to shuffle I asked her to play ONE SONG. I don't want to hear every song the artist ever created!"

Another user blasted the recent music change as "terrible" which has left their devices "completely useless for what I bought them for."

They added: "I can no longer select to listen to an artist, I am now forced to listen to Alexa shuffle songs by similar artists with limited skips per hour. Where do I get my refund?"

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Amazon last week announced that Prime users would be given access to "a full catalogue of music in shuffle mode", with shuffle play on "any artist, album, or playlist in the catalogue".

It appears said update has skewered the chance to listen to a specific track, without having to skip through to the one originally asked for, which one Twitter user labelled "nonsense".

The switch from on-demand music to so-called "shuffle-play" has left millions of Prime Members livid with a change that means they can no longer get the exact song they're asking for.

One user said the update had even upset their four-year-old, who could now no longer play Wheels on the Bus, instead receiving "a shuffle of something similar" to the nursery rhyme.


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