Lethal King Cobra on the run finally returns to zoo after daring escape from

A King Cobra nicknamed Houdini, which escaped from a zoo, has finally returned hope after a week-long jaunt.

The highly dangerous snake escaped from its home in a Swedish Zoo last week.

Despite zoo officials claiming it was hiding in the roof, it appears that it did actually leave the grounds of the animal centre.

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Skansen Zoo in Stockholm had been partially closed after Houdini – originally named Sir Hiss – had broken to freedom via a light fitting.

Staff had been using a variety of methods to track him – including using flour to capture the trails, stick traps and special hidden cameras . . . but they never found it.

And now, having miraculously returned all by itself, zoo Chief Executive Officer Jonas Wahlstrom said: “Houdini, as we named him, has crawled back into his terrarium.”

As a result of an intensive search with X-ray machines, “Houdini” was located earlier this week in a confined space near the terrarium in the insulation between two walls.

Holes were drilled into the walls where the snake was hiding but the cobra disappeared from the view of the X-ray cameras in the early Sunday. It turned out the snake had given up its freedom ride and crawled back to its terrarium.

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“It was too stressful for Houdini with all the holes in the walls, so he wanted to go home again,” Wahlstrom told SVT.

The park said the snake wouldn’t have survived the cold climate if had gotten out of the building.

King cobras can grow up to 5.5 meters (18 feet) long and mainly live in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Although the venom of a King Cobra is not as dangerous as other venomous snakes, it is thought that around two-tenths of a fluid ounce of its poison can kill around 20 people – or one huge elephant.

Once bitten, it can hit your respiratory area of the brain, and give you a heart attack within minutes.

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