Police ‘superheroes’ use Thor’s hammer to bust drug dealers in Halloween ruse

Police disguised themselves as superheroes to arrest a group of shocked drug dealers in a cunning Halloween ruse.

Three Avengers – Spider-Man, Captain America and Thor – were joined by Catwoman for the undercover operation in Lima, Peru.

'Operation Marvel' involved the four police officers pretending to shoot a promotional video for an upcoming Halloween concert.

The superheroes nonchalantly strolled through the streets of Lima until they reached their target house.

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Captain America borrowed Thor's hammer to smash through the door, with the superheroes then joined by 10 backup police officers who flooded in to make a major drugs bust.

Police said in a statement yesterday (Tuesday, November 1) that the criminals initially thought the break-in was a Halloween prank.

However, the reality soon dawned on them when Spider-Man leaped into action and had one drug dealer pinned to the floor.

Images released after the raid showed the criminals in handcuffs as the mighty superheroes stood triumphantly in front of their huge haul.

Locals were gathered outside the property, watching on in bafflement as Marvel and DC Comics' finest united to usher arrestees into police cars.

The police's heroic efforts led to the arrest of three men and one woman, as well as the seizure of 3,250 small packages of cocaine paste, 287 bags of cocaine and 127 of cannabis.

One kilo of cocaine paste sells for roughly £330 in Peru. Cocaine hydrochloride, the purest form of the drug, sells for around £869.

Police Colonel David Villanueva told El Pais: "In this building an entire family was dedicating themselves to the small-time sale of drugs, the mother, the father and the children as well.

"They were going to sell the drugs in a nearby park, but during the hours when they weren't selling they went out to the nearby streets and stole cell phones.

"They came back and the police were here, and the victims were able to reclaim their belongings."

Amazingly, it wasn't the first time that police in Peru have disguised themselves in silly costumes to make a drugs bust.

In 2020, Peruvian drugs-squad members disguised as Santa Claus and an elf captured another suspected dealer in Lima.

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