Woman who went to Lidl to find “handsome man” gets new job at rival supermarket

A woman who made headlines after admitting to shopping in Lidl to find a “handsome man” has got a new job – working for one of the budget supermarket's biggest rivals.

Ana Palmer, a former beauty consultant, was shopping in Tavistock, Devon, in 2020 when a stranger caught her eye.

She lingered as she loaded her car with shopping and the pair swapped a few words before the mysterious man drove away.

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The single mum believed the customer was “checking her out” – and said even her then-12-year-old daughter Andrea noticed too.

She had tried tracking the bloke down, but to no avail.

And a few months later she took to Facebook to claim that she had been "taken to the backroom" of the same supermarket and told off by a staff member for speaking negatively about the shop, after using local Facebook groups to do so.

But now it appears that she has fallen out of love with the budget German supermarket, and has joined Morrisons.

Having previously worked for the Co-op – although it's not clear in what role – she took to Facebook to share her good news.

She wrote: “Some personal news – I, too, am joining WM Morrisons supermarket as a manager, starting soon.

“I am beyond thrilled and feeling a great sense of achievement.

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“As of recent years I've realised that I have what it takes to be a great leader.

“Not only that, but I have always wanted to be that amazing leader that makes history, and above all, is one that people truly admire, respect and follow.

“I have worked so hard to get to where I am today, and the rewards are starting to show abundantly.

“I’ll undoubtedly miss my Co-op 'family'- I’ve learned so much from them whilst working together, and had the best Team Leader experience working alongside them.

“I am thrilled for this next chapter!”

It remains to be seen whether she finds more mysterious “handsome men” in Morrisons . . .

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