Terrifying mystery of Brit medium who ‘made contact with spirits of dead aliens’

A paranormal medium allegedly managed to "project" the faces of the dead during interactions with a paranormal investigator.

Among the faces were the dead of aliens "belonging to other worlds".

Now, a new book from investigator and author Ron Halliday details the duo’s encounters and the strange moments that befell them.

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Halliday has dedicated his life’s work to the unknown, looking into UFOs and otherworldly – but was left with wide eyes after spending time with Edinburgh man Ray Todd in the years shortly before the turn of the century.

Holding onto the experiences for 20 years, he has now spilt the beans on what went down in his new release Alien Spirits?

In the 90s, he had been in Falkirk following leads after strange lights were spotted in the sky.

They had been spotted over Bonnybridge – a top destination in the Scottish UFO spotting scene.

During the trip, Halliday claims he was phoned by Tod, who asked him “do you want to see an alien?"

He immediately agreed.

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In the living room of Tod’s West Montgomery Place home, Halliday claims the medium’s face changed repeatedly.

He claims he saw former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, actor Peter Sellers and even his own grandad, theScottish Daily Expressreports.

He also claimed to see unusual alien faces including one that was "a cross between a dog and a lion except it had no hair. It was very grey and puffy looking, but there was clearly an intelligence behind it".

One reminded him of a primate: “It was beautifully clear and the smooth black hair looked so real you felt you could have reached out and touched it.

"At the same time I sensed open space and freedom.

“The ape was very friendly looking almost as if he was pleased to see you and curious about what we were doing."

Another, he claims, had a "small head with large blank eyes".

Tod and Halliday continued to work together in the second half of the 90s, but Tod became more erratic – and the book gets darker to reflect this.

Eventually, the two broke off contact with Tod dying a few years later.

Halliday told the Scottish Daily Express: "I had never seen anything like it before, that is what I found so astonishing. It really opened up new worlds for me and made me question everything I knew about the universe and the supernatural.

"It was the alien spirits that really shook me, spirits of dead aliens or beings from another dimension."

He felt that now was the right time to share it.

"I thought it was so significant that people should get the chance to read about what I experienced," he said.

"It is understandable if people are sceptical but I only put down what I saw and people can take a decision for themselves on the basis that I'm a genuine person who has published other material."

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