Man whose finger left hanging off by snapping turtle takes revenge with dinner

A bloke who just wanted a new pal has ended up eating his would-be bud after it took a chunk out of him.

Payap, 60, had been trying to bag himself a wild snapping turtle from a river in the province of Kanchanaburi in western Thailand when it almost bit off his finger.

The man, whose surname remains undisclosed, wanted to secure his new pet on Sunday, October 30, when it tucked into his digit – landing him in hospital.

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When he was finally discharged, he cooked and ate the turtle after it didn’t survive the process of getting it off his hand.

Rescuers received reports of a man attacked by a turtle in the Tha Maka district.

Payap was found screaming in agony with the turtle still gripping onto his partially-severed middle finger.

The turtle’s jaw took 10 minutes to pry open, but by the time he was released it was already hanging off,Thaigerreports.

Medics are understood to have initially thought it was beyond saving, but 10 stitches later and it was miraculously saved.

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He claims he wanted to feed the huge beasts and had made inroads into trying to domesticate some.

He had even bought a water tank ready to go for his new houseguest.

After locating the perfect specimen he went to pick it up – but things didn’t go well when the unwilling reptile locked onto him.

Efforts by Payap and his family proved unsuccessful and he had to call in help from the Khun Rattanawut Foundation, a voluntary organization specialising in animal welfare.

When he got away, Payap said he and his family tucked into the unwitting and now-deceased beast.

Payap got his turtle home eventually in the end, although not quite in the way envisioned – local reports say this is the last time he plans to go turtle catching.

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