Woman sends drone to check on friend after she stopped answering texts

A woman sent a drone over her friend’s house after she didn’t reply to her messages for four hours.

Internet users in mainland china have been touched by the story of a concerned pal after it was shared online.

The friend fell unwell after recently suffering heart problems, which concerned the friend.

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Wan who fell ill, told news website Star Video that she sent her friend a message at around 7am on October 22 via Chinese social app, WeChat. Her friend replied to the message asking Wan to go to the local pharmacy to pick up a test and check she was okay.

Wan accidentally forgot to reply and later saw several messages from her friend over the four hours she had been unresponsive.

Wan said that in the four hours of silence, her friend sent many messages which increased with her lack of response. Messages said: “What’s wrong with you?”, “What are you doing?” and “I called you a couple of times. Why didn’t you answer my phone?”

The unnamed friend decided to take matters into her own hands and set about checking to see if Wan was okay. Seeing no other option, the friend asked her husband to fly his drone over to the residential building Wan lives in.

Rather than walking around, the friend thought this was the best way to check on her friend.

“Our two families live not far away from each other. So it only took the drone several minutes to reach my window,” Wan said.

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She was resting in bed due to her recent heart issues and had not been looking at her phone. When she noticed the drone, she walked up to her window in surprise.

However, Wan admitted the action was very well appreciated.

“My friend was worried about me and used a drone to do a field inspection. This has moved me a lot,”

It appears the women are close, having known each other for 5 years.

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“They have helped me a lot. Sometimes they made delicious food and would share with me,” Wan said.

The experience has gone viral on China’s social media, with commenters moved by the gesture.

“You are indeed true friends. It’s so nice to have a good friend,” wrote one person online.

“I think there is no pity in your life since you have this kind of friend,” another commented.


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