Inside the very few places Google Maps Street View lets you go in North Korea

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    Despite being notoriously secretive, Google Maps has provided an insight into the streets of North Korea.

    The country, ruled by dictator Kim Jong-un is one of the few countries in the world where users can’t zoom into streets and navigate the roads at will.

    However, there are a few places where people can roam through the state, including zones in the capital city, Pyongyang.

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    Whilst Western countries do occasionally blur out military bases or prisons, North Korea blurs pretty much everything. Town, villages and street names are etched out meaning we have no knowledge of the infrastructure of the country.

    The tourism industry in North Korea has grown in recent years and Google Maps is showcasing this with some select attractions.

    Kalma Beach

    Announced in 2016, North Korea have been hard at work constructing a state of the art beach resort with an arcade, water park, football pitch and many more attractions.

    Despite being delayed due to COVID-19, the resort is taking shape and is set to be a jewel in the crown of North Korea’s booming tourism industry.

    Located in the Wonsan region, a popular place for North Korean holidays, Kim Jong-un has visited the site several times and has highlighted it in his country-wide addresses.

    The beach side resort can be partly seen on Google Maps, with visitors happily swimming, surfing and playing volleyball, a favourite sport of the area.


    Several areas of the modern capital city are also available for users to see in North Korea. We are able to see the Pyongyang Grand Theatre where opera performances are held, inside the five star international Pothonggang Hotel and some blurred out images of the natural landscape, including Taedongmun.

    Perhaps most notably, the Kim Il-sung square is available to view on Google Images. Constructed after the Korean War, the square holds picture of the country’s founding leader and citizens and tourists are expected to pay their respects there.

    Seen as quite grand, there are often rallies held there in an attempt to show the country’s strength and resilience.

    The Central Zoo

    On the outskirts of the capital, lots of North Koreans flock to the national zoo where there are a variety of animals on display, including lions, bears, dogs, elephants and plenty more. It is said that these are “gift animals” from other leaders from around the world.

    Reopened in 2016 as an attempt to modernise the city, this is one of the most popular attractions in North Korea.

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