Wuhan plunged into COVID-19 lockdown as new cases detected

China: Guards prevent tourists from leaving Xishuangbanna

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China has plunged some 800,000 in a district in Wuhan back into coronavirus lockdown following a rise of just 20–25 new infections a day this week. Wuhan — the city in the central Hubei province where COVID-19 first emerged back in 2019 — joins Guangzhou in the south and Xining in the west as the latest targets of Beijing’s zero-tolerance approach to suppressing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In fact, China presently has varying degrees of lockdowns imposed on 27 of its cities, measures that are affecting the lives of a whopping 210 million people.

As one 38-year-old Wuhan resident told Reuters: “I don’t know what to do.

“If we can still survive living like this then I suppose that’s what we’ll do.

“When we see these news stories about COVID, we now feel a bit numb.

“We feel numb to it all. We feel more and more numb.”


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