Chilling apparition of ‘Victorian lady in a dress’ caught on home CCTV

Chilling CCTV footage has supposedly caught the moment an apparition of a woman in a Victorian-style dress was seen 'walking' past a parked car outside a home in the US.

The clip, which was recorded on a motion-activated camera on October 17, was shared to the paranormal YouTube channel Disclose Screen The Grimreefar by Kimberley Carlyle from Waynesboro, Mississippi.

In the video, which has gained more than 1,200 likes, supposedly shows a womanly figure walking past in a large dress similar to those worn in the 1800s, according to paranormal enthusiasts online.

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Disclose Screen explained: "The camera activated at the exact moment that these events took place. Kimberley got an alert on her phone and she is pretty creeped out, to say the least.

"The impression I'm getting is a lady in a long Victorian-type dress walking by and lifting up the dress as if not to trip over the dress.

"I can make out the figure perfectly. I can make out the head, an old-style hairdo as if it's in a bunch, even a set of breasts.

"But that's probably 'cause I'm a male. But I see a full figure of a lady elegantly floating by possibly with another figure or a child or two, or even possibly an animal.

"But a second miss is not so easy to differentiate."

Viewers were left divided over the clip as while some believed it could be a spirit, others dismissed it as lights hitting fog.

One user wrote: "One of the best ghost videos I've ever seen! Wow! I'm gonna sleep well tonight. Happy Halloween."

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Another argued: "I can see why it may look that way. But to me, it looks like lights from a car hit fog, smoke or some sort of mist and created the effect.

"The moving car triggered the camera. Just my opinion."

A third said: "Your description was exactly the way I saw it. Can’t both have the same pareidolia… can we???"

A fourth wrote: "Plot twist…stoners were hotboxing that car and just rolled down the windows."


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