‘Possible Bigfoot’ caught on trail camera in woods, but not everyone’s convinced

After a group of Southeast Louisiana hunters posted a photo captured from a motion-sensitive camera they’d left in remote woodland, some Bigfoot enthusiasts are sure it’s more evidence of the elusive forest creature.

Not everyone’s sure though. One Bigfoot enthusiast pointed out: “It’s got a fuzzy outline around the whole critter and the lighting on it doesn't seem to match where it's sitting, in fact the angle of light hitting it should be causing a longer shadow on its far side.

“Some of its fur is also blurry like someone used a Photoshop smudge tool on it to obscure details, this would also explain the outline around it. It's a half decent Photoshopped pic, probably a bear altered and slapped over the deer that triggered the trail cam."

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One suggested the mystery blur was a legendary creature – not Bigfoot, but an Ewok. “Looks like the hair or whatever it is,” they said, “it’s flowing in different directions. Kind of like a dog shaking after a bath."

Meanwhile, most of the hunting experts on the Facebook page think it’s a genuine photo – with a less-than-paranormal explanation.

“It's a bird flying away from the camera,” said one. “The tail is clear enough to see It's a birds tail. The fuzzy look on either side is the wings flapping. Looks like a turkey…”

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Others disagreed, insisting the bizarre photo showed something with fur rather than feathers.

One thought it might be a wild boar, another hunter suspected it might be a fast-moving deer.

There were a few Bigfoot supporters though, even if they weren’t entirely serious.

“Sasquatch taking a dump,” one said. “No privacy at all you can't even take a dump in the woods without being photographed.”

Another hunter added: “Bigfoot is so fast when he does hear the shutter of a camera this is all we get. Left wondering what that could be…"


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